Now accepting talented volunteer staff photographers who want to be a part of the RVA Fashion Week Media Team!

A staff photographer will have proven experience with digital photography and showcase general knowledge of photography. The ideal candidate will also possess an aptitude and attitude well-suited for collaboration and team-work. A staff photographer will work successfully with our Director of Media to coordinate and execute shots that best represent our brand and meet the RVA Fashion Week visual standards all while maintaining professionalism.


- Photographing people in various environments while following set guidelines and standards

- Producing high quality images; ensuring exposure and color consistency

- Performing quality assurance on all images

- Cropping and processing of all images

- Naming and maintaining digital asset files

- Accurately archiving images

- Delivery of selected post-processed images to RVA Fashion Week Media Team

Minimum Qualifications:

- 2+ years experience with photography

- Ability to work well with a team

- Ability to meet deadlines

- Flexibility to adjust to changing environments

- Positive attitude, proactive and able to take initiative

- Punctual

- Detail-oriented and creative

- Portfolio that demonstrates experience in some or all of the following: runway, fashion, portraiture, and event/low light situations (File upload or various links to work)

- Basic knowledge with retouching in post-production is required i.e Adobe Light room/Photoshop

- On camera flash required

- General availability for event dates: October 10-13, 2019.

About Us

RVA Fashion Week represents Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding area's top models, leading designers, choice producers, and stylists. This ultimate combination delivers unforgettable events around Richmond and showcases many of the industry's top organizations and charities. Every year, RVA Fashion Week has been committed to collaborating with local businesses and designers to display Richmond's style, creativity, street culture, and arts by virtue of fashion. This venture has helped existing businesses build their clientele and increase their revenue. Our goal has been to raise awareness of the fashion and arts culture hidden in Richmond by supporting independent boutiques and designers through support from local businesses, sponsors, vendors, participants, and guests.

RVA Fashion Week was initiated in 2008 from a small group of VCU students who all met working together on local fashion events in Richmond. Varying in majors from fashion and design to marketing and business - together, they embarked on a large-scale project to showcase Richmond's unique fashion and culture.

Jason Primose (the originator) along with Erin Brennan, Kearsten Feggans, Moe Medina, Jen Whitehead, and Courtney Culbreath founded what would soon be known as the largest fashion production in the history of Richmond - impacting local businesses, boosting the city's economy, benefiting endless non-profits, getting models and designers discovered by top agencies and publications, gaining national attention, and most importantly - influencing the city's re-branding campaign - tokening Richmond "RVA"- and placing the Cap City on the map!

RVA Fashion Week is now overseen by a Board of Directors and streamlined into committees to manage the overwhelming growth that continues to rise year after year. This awe-inspiring production is 100 percent volunteer-based, from the top of the chain-of-command to the event-day volunteers. The continued support and contributions from the city is what has kept RVA Fashion Week going for nearly 11 years.

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