2019 Spring Fashion Designers


Haus of Klyde

Haus of Klyde is metaphoric extension of the artist and designer Klyde Wright. Haus of Klyde consists of unique ready to wear pieces of art created through life lessons of trial and error. Klyde continues to develop new ideas and learn new techniques. He chooses to reflect that through his work as he progresses in life, creating true one of kind pieces. Haus of Klyde's first collection was released in 2008 and has continued to grow through collaborations, fashion shows, and photo shoots. With the rise of social media he has created a web presence that is expanding his brand beyond its Virginia roots. Haus of Klyde's aesthetic consists of day dresses that are both unique and whimsical, menswear that is both cool and daring, and ambiguous pieces for the bold.

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As a former art teacher, Charissa Goerge loves bold patterns and bright colors, with a special affinity for the three primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. toFREEyourSTYLE’s Primary Collection welcomes the warmth of summer with vibrant shades of royal blue, crimson red, and sunshine yellow. Along with vivid colors, toFREEyourSTYLE’s creations are known for their comfort and flexible fit (who doesn’t appreciate clothing that will still fit despite weight fluctuations!). All items are custom-handmade-to-order in Charissa’s central VA home.

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Abena Aforo

The brand Abena Aforo was created for one which embodies a truly deep African culture that is simple yet sophisticated and unique. Abena Aforo provides the platform for men, women and children to own authentic fashion pieces that will forever remain true to them. Abena Aforo believes in turning authentic African fashion into everyday wear!


Wala Afour

Bernie Adjei is a self-taught Ghanaian-American fashion designer who discovered his love for the arts and fashion while studying to be a Food Scientist at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. After graduation in 2009, he moved to the United States and later earned an MBA from the University of Mary Washington. It was there that Bernie decided to take fashion by the horns and pursue it full time.

Wala Afour is a Ga (Ghanaian language) phrase which means 'All we need is life'; that all other things are secondary. As life is full of experiences, the brand's vision is to inspire feelings and experiences that create timeless memories through the design of custom apparel and accessories for both men and women. Bernie believes that there is a place for everyone in fashion, and that diversity gives the world color, richness and depth. The brand is, therefore, influenced by diversity and Bernie's rich African heritage.

Wala Afour designs for the modern person who dares to be different and stand out. By using different fabrics, patterns, and textures, he creates unique special occasion pieces and bridal/bridal party clothing. For about the same cost of buying and altering a mass produced garment, you could get a custom-made outfit by Wala Afour that no one else has.

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Creation Lords

Jared Ulysses Evans created CreationLords Clothing Company in June of 2015. The brand name CreationLords means creative minds taking domain over their craft. It was created to capture art through clothing and opportunity, and if you observe the fox in the brand logo closely, it has a third eye. That third eye the visionary eye that contains the ability to create what doesn’t exist. Whether it’s a tattoo artist or a poet, a barber or a designer, CreationLords looks to inspire the Lord inside of each creator.

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Mamer and Derek are the owners and designers behind MamerSass Reinvented Fashions. MamerSass is an eco-streetwear brand that rescues and reinvents unwanted textiles and vintage clothing. MamerSass was started  in an effort to create change in the fashion industry by combating textile waste instead of contributing to the "fast fashion" industry. Mamer worked in the fashion industry in NYC, and Derek's background is in business management. They fell in love and joined forces, combining their talents and passions. The brand was first established in 2012, in Jersey City, NJ and in 2014 Mamer and Derek made the choice to leave the city life, and move to the beach to open their first store on Chincoteague Island, VA.

In 2016, they added a Mobile Shop to their business, converting a shuttle bus in to a shop on wheels. They have traveled the East Coast participating in street fairs and music festivals such as Firefly Music Fest and Electric Forrest, as well as a heading on a College Tour where they stop on college campuses preaching the "gospel" of textile recycling and bringing their reinvented fashions and vintage clothing to masses. In 2018, they moved to Richmond, VA where they pop-up all around the city in their Mobile Shop expanding their brand and mission of sustainability and eco-fashion.

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Ray Burnett, owner and designer of Fallnthebrand, is from Harrisburg, PA and moved to Virginia to attend college at Virginia State University. While pursuing his studies, he started Fallnthebrand on the concept of no matter what life throws your way, “falln” off the path of success is not an option. Ray designs a variety of womenswear and menswear designs including swimwear , evening wear for a night out, and lounge wear.

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Livigne on the Edge

29 year old Brandon Horton is a Richmond native and the CEO and designer of Livigne on the Edge. The first time he got his feet wet by doing something creative was when he was 18 years old. He entered an amateur drag competition and WON! Flash forward to today and he’s now been doing drag for 11 years as Michelle Livigne at Babes of Carytown on Thursday nights. It was about 7 years ago that he picked up sewing and began creating his own costumes for shows.

In 2017 he was given the opportunity to showcase his creations in the 9th Annual RVA Fashion Week and blaze the trail as being the first drag designer to ever show in RVAFW. His favorite material to work with is vinyl and his entire collection this season is made from it. He chose it because vinyl is strong, edgy, powerful and more structured than your average material. His love for drag and passion for sewing combined has culminated in his Spring collection for Livigne on the Edge.

High Maintenance Logo .png

High Maintenance

High Maintenance is an adjective meaning needing a lot of work to keep in good condition or demanding a lot of attention. However, High Maintenance LLC is quite the opposite. Being High Maintenance is for those who demand respect, know what they deserve, and invest in themselves. It is also about creating your own lane, walking in your confidence, and having the power to express it. High Maintenance LLC removes the negative from the phrase, reclaims it and makes it their own. They do not conform to size charts and industry standards of fashion. Everything is tailored to the customer. They believe that people should feel confident in what they wear, and be able to afford custom-made designs. Above all, they are committed to closing the gap for the marginalized of the fashion industry, spreading love regardless of race, class, or gender, and making an impact in the fashion world.

Michaela Bradley (pronouns: she, her, hers) is the founder, CEO, and designer of High Maintenance LLC. Fashion design soothes her soul and serves as a creative outlet for her. High Maintenance LLC is a culmination of all the good, bad, beautiful, and drama in her life. She started High Maintenance LLC because she never felt appropriately perceived as a woman of color. Clothes would often be too big, or too small, and never fit quite right, which made her think about all the other people who also felt marginalized in the fashion industry. So she set out to change that. She is happy and proud to use her platform to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and find themselves stuck in a society that forces people to conform to that society’s constraints.

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Runway Couture 

Chrissy Crawford, owner and designer of Runway Couture, is originally from Boston, MA but has resided in Richmond, VA for the majority of her life. Since a young age she has always enjoyed all things beauty and fashion. She is self-taught and her “born into fashion” attitude inspires her classy but edgy designs.

Her designs have been shown in VA Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Boston and continue to expand with goals of becoming an international designer.

The Runway Couture collection includes custom designs from ready to wear to formal.  She believes that whether your runway is the office, a college campus, or night out on the town, you should always be #SomewhereBeingCute!

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ABLE by Amanda Campbell 

ABLE By Amanda Campbell is a contemporary womenswear brand that designs clothing focusing on simple modern luxury. It was founded on the idea of empowering women through clothing. They strive to promote eating disorder awareness, mental health advocacy and environmental sustainability in all that they create. ABLE is a brand that designs for women who want to stand out. The clothing is designed to be daring and different while emphasizing and flattering the figure of real women, no matter their size or shape. 

Each letter in the brand’s name is the initial for an independent, strong woman in head designer, Amanda Campbell’s life who has influenced and mentored her as a designer. ABLE also means having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something and to be successful at something. Each collection of ABLE By Amanda Campbell takes inspiration from personal and emotional experiences and brings them to life in the form of beautiful, elegant and modern clothing.

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MK Vendetta 

MK Vendetta, the sister brand to Rosies and Rockers launched in 2016. In its youth, the brand catered to an inner circle of models, artist, rappers and skaters. Since its launch, it has developed to offer youthful men’s and women’s collections that feature sheer fabrics, street wear, edgy one of a kind pieces, and ready-made basics with retro components. From accessories to separates, Vendetta will make you a topic of conversation in any audience.

Vendetta anonymously and proudly donates 100% of its profits to The Trevor Project in support of equality, CAIR Coalition in support of immigration rights and Planned Parenthood in support of family and sexual rights. 

Early on in his career, Mateen Khan, owner and designer of Vendetta, worked with a few high end avant-garde labels, most of which focused on edgy fun free spirited garments. Through this he developed and incorporated his design aesthetics to create MK Vendetta. After successfully launching his own resale brand in 2012, Mateen mostly focused on mainstream fashion production/ buying which lead to a broad understanding of the industry and its impact on the environment. 

After several years of researching production methods, combined with developing his own skills, Mateen launched MK Vendetta in December 2016. The label which stands for affordability, ethical sourcing, production and a sense of community has been a passion project for him ever since. Although small, in the short time since MK Vendetta launched, it has had the honor of working with numerous celebrities, been featured in magazines, films, TV shows and publication for its design and concept.

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USLNA BY Kris T. is a brand for unifying and embracing our culture, as well as raising awareness and empowering us to represent ourselves with respect, dignity, and attitude.

USLNA takes you from the streets to the office.

USLNA is hood formal.

USLNA is class with  a touch of rebellion.

In us we trust.

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