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Metaya Tilahun

Clothing Designer: METAYA

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Metaya Tilahun

The collections is named after the designer; not as a means to promote herself but to promote the meaning attached to her name. Her name, Metaya, means something to be looked at for, something to show off to the world and something to be proud of.

Metaya does not have any formal training when it comes to fashion design; and this show will be her first ever attempt at the art of fashion. She is somewhat of a traditionalist; she believes that the aesthetics that were common in previous eras are far richer than current ones. She aims to create looks that embody the rich ornamentation of vintage fashion with a modern twist. But more than anything, she seeks to introduce her own native fashion culture to the world. She believes that Ethiopia has some of the most vibrant textile and fashion industries in the world but it has gone unnoticed for quite some time. It is her goal to make the unique style of Ethiopia a house theme in the fashion world.

This collection is just a first step in what is going to be a long journey of exploring unorthodox martials, mixing unrelated cultural aesthetics and bridging that gap between high fashion and everyday wear. When Metaya makes any garments, she imagines it for a particular type of a lady; she calls her ?a tomboy that can pull of sexy without even trying.? It is for the strong independent woman who is also feminine; it is for the girl that has her life on track but also likes to be wined and dined. It is for the modern woman with a splash of traditionalist in her.


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