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Klyde Wright

Clothing Designer: Klyde by Haus of Klyde

Klyde Wright

Klyde Wright is a Richmond native who has been designing since high school in 2008. Since then Klyde has been featured in Richmond Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week showcasing his work that represents himself and how he interprets art and fashion. Since graduating college with a Bachelors in Fine Arts Klyde's goal has been to ride the thin line between artistic expression and fashion creating a home for individuality. Haus of Klyde is a metaphor that represents his love and passion for art and fashion. For this collection Klyde wanted to bring in a few new elements, a dark color palette, new shapes for men, and swimwear. This collection was inspired by ambiguity and movement using more relaxed shapes and pairing them with pieces that create movement. Klyde limited his menswear to make a concise statement on ambiguity in men's fashion and allowed more women's wear to show variety within the collection. 


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