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Klyde Wright

Clothing Designer: Haus of Klyde

Klyde Wright

Haus of Klyde traces the rise of denim in American fashion from the Gold Rush into Slavery, juxtaposing modern shapes and contemporary fashion trends as an expression of rebellion with the fabric?s humble origins of a fabric of honest hard work.The Denim Rush, an expression of rebellion through denim, using modern lines and shapes that reflect the rise of denim in America ,the Gold Rush, and contributing cultural influences. Klyde's aesthetic, which combines function, individuality, versatility and geometric shapes all combined with an urban edge, dictates the style of his designs. In these pieces, He has combined his personal style with his inspiration of triangular silhouettes seen during the 1850s, twin sets seen in modern fashion trends, and a mixture of denim to create the juxtaposition of the Gold Rush with the rise of denim in American fashion and contributing cultural influences. Klyde's fashion career started in a Sculpture class in 2008 which led him to taking sewing classes at Heidi Story, and before high school graduation in 2009 he had presented two collections, won Best in Show at Vmfa Teen Stylin Competition, and landed a summer internship with design Michael Taylor. Since then Klyde has graduated from Virginia State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, presented collections and work across the DMV area, worked closely with other designers and organizations that only help make him a better designer. 

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