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Jamet Jackson

Clothing Designer: Jamét Jackson

Jamet Jackson

Jamét has been interested in fashion ever since she was young. Dressing up dolls in spare fabric and ribbons, drawing constantly and dressing creatively gave her an outlet for her creative impulses. Always being a little different, she found drawing fashion figures attracted positive reactions. She kept at it and progressed, taking art, photography and fashion merchandising classes along the way. After applying to Virginia Commonwealth University?s School of the Arts, she was accepted and completed the first year of Art Foundations. At the end of her freshmen year, she was accepted into her first choice department, the Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising. Participating constantly and absorbing everything, she grew in her illustration, design, and construction skills. All of her junior submissions to the departmental show, CATALYST, were entered in. As a senior, her collection was selected to be showcased internationally in the VCU Qatar campus show in Doha, Qatar and in its entirety in the department show, IMPACT on the Richmond campus. The culmination of her growth, hard work, perseverance and design excellence was manifested in her being awarded the Outstanding Senior Award. After graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Fashion Design, she began to work in the bridal industry with Helena Noelle, a locally owned bridal accessories company, where she designs and makes at present. She finds inspiration in unlikely places, especially areas where beauty is not the first thing that comes to your mind. She likes to start with an attitude or feeling, even a fabric that tells its own story. 
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